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Confessions of a Professional Organizer

I’m just going to say it, ok? Do you mind if I’m honest for a minute, be real and vulnerable for a sec? My house this morning, it was a hot mess. Not like, a few things out of place. But, an actual mess. There were dishes in the sink, the counters and table were covered, there were about twenty pictures of smiley faces that our youngest had drawn the night before, still scattered around the living room floor.

At first, I looked around and I thought, how the hell will anybody take me seriously as a professional organizer if my own house looks like this? Those old fears and self-doubt started to creep up, I’m not even going to lie. But you know what? Instead of giving in to th

e fear and doubt, I decided to talk to myself like I would speak to a client. I reminded myself, that I’d worked over sixty hours the past week. I’d also hosted a sleepover for our oldest, and gotten our youngest to a sleepover of her own. I’d stayed up late the night before, sacrificing the dishes for research. My husband had also been working a lot of hours and hadn’t been feeling well.

And you know what I told my client self? You’re kicking ass. So what if the dishes didn’t get done before bed? It’s not the end of the world. It’ll take thirty minutes max to get everything back in order, because of the systems and processes I’ve put into place. I never want a client to feel that guilt or that judgment, that need for perfection. Instead, I want them to look at the big picture, and to own it. It’s ok if a few things slip while you’re rockin it somewhere else.You’ll get to it.

As for me, I’m going to continue to work on practicing what I preach, showing myself grace, and saying no to perfection. From one recovering perfectionist to another, we’ve got this.

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