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10 Things To Buy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Times are scary right now. I don't know about you, but the thought of being housebound for weeks with my kids is slightly terrifying. We all know that the essentials are important, toilet paper, sanitizer, medication, etc. But I wanted to share a few things that other parents may want to consider purchasing before you're housebound. If you're already housebound (I am so sorry) you can still find many of these items on Amazon and have them delivered.

1. Arts and crafts

In the likelihood that my kid's school closes I want them to still stay active, I cringe thinking about them on a device all day long. So I'm stocking up on some of the basic art supplies for my youngest like crayons, paint, paper, playdoh, etc. For my oldest, I'm buying some of the cheap canvas and paint sets, as well as some of those cool adult coloring books. I'd suggest some of the adult coloring books for you as well, personally I actually enjoy coloring with the kids when I have one of my adult coloring books, for me, it's much easier than playing with shopkins.

2. Easter Stuff

If you have a child who will be expecting an Easter basket this year, you may want to consider going ahead and purchasing it. If things get bad here, I'm not going to risk going out for some cheap toys and chalk. So I'm going ahead and getting these things now, just in case.

3. Home DIY or Maintenance Supplies

If you're anything like me, you likely have a home project (or ten) that you've been putting off. Might as well tackle it while you have the time. I've gotten a few extra painting supplies to touch up the baseboards and other areas.

4. Cards and Board Games

Not much explanation needed here. We already have cards but plan to get a few extra board games that we can enjoy with the kids.

5. Coffee and Wine

God help my family if I happen to run out of coffee. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I figured a few bottles to have on hand wouldn't hurt, especially as the anxiety starts running high.

6. Filters

We've stocked up on air filters as well as the water filters that we use for the refrigerator. My husband is always very committed to changing the filters after we've been sick. Not sure if it really helps, but I don't think it can hurt.

7. Toothbrushes

If someone gets sick you want to be able to swap out their toothbrush for a new one. It'd be a good idea to have several on hand in the event you need them.

8. Vitamins

We've stocked up on canned goods and food, but in the event that we are really relying on that stuff for our day to day source of nutrition, it all really lacks any type of substantial nutritional benefits. So we've gotten extra vitamins to keep on hand for us and the kids. I'd suggest something they'll be willing to take without an argument, like gummy vitamins. I've heard that Elderberry is also good for the immune system, but we haven't tried it ourselves.

9. Rice

Ok, so this post isn't about food, but rice is seriously so versatile and filling, you can't go wrong. Plus, we know we'll use it eventually if we aren't homebound.

10. Stocks

If you already have a substantial savings and aren't worried about going into financial hardship, then you should look into investing. The market is the lowest it's been since 1987, so you can get some great deals.

Obviously, these items aren't going to apply to everyone, and there are plenty of other more important things to consider during this time. But as a parent, I'm trying to be as prepared as possible, and I'm sure you're doing the same. Don't forget to stock up on the household essentials such as trash bags, cleaning supplies, hand soap, etc. I hope everyone stays safe and this thing blows over soon. In the meantime. I'll be posting again soon with ideas on how to keep boredom at bay while everyone is stuck at home.

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