Photo Organizing & Digitalizing

With the advancement of technology, there has been a vast evolution in the way we capture memories. It's likely that you have boxes of printed photos stacked in a closet, begging to be remembered. Or, you may have a computer (or several) with digital photos stored all over the place. If you're like most, you have both. 

Whether your memories are of the printed variety or the digital, I can help! I can take your printed photos and turn them into beautiful online scrapbooks and collages for you to share with your loved ones. Prefer something you can feel and touch? I can also create printed scrapbooks for you to keep on hand. If you're overwhelmed with all of the digital photos, I can help you get them organized and backed up, as well as some printed scrapbooks made so that you can more easily share and enjoy your photos.

Contact me to get started, I'd love to help you preserve and organize your precious memories.

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