Hi, I'm Sam!

I help others overcome the overwhelm of their daily lives by working with them to organize their space, develop systems, and reclaim their peace.

I 'm a wife and mother to two beautiful (and sassy) girls. As a recovering perfectionist, I’ve always had a need for order and organization. I like knowing exactly where things are when I go to find them. Physical clutter makes me anxious and moody. But like so many others, I’d get my space organized to perfection, and then within a week or two, it was a mess again. Whether it was the junk drawer, the Tupperware cabinet, or a dresser drawer, it just never seemed to stick. I had become so frustrated and overwhelmed with the constant need to organize and declutter, only to have to do it all over again within a few weeks, that I’d just about given up. I figured, why bother? But the clutter, along with constantly having to search for things when I needed them, was creating so much stress and anxiety in my life that I knew I had to do something. I’d get home from work in the evenings and feel so emotionally drained, I had no energy and no idea where to start.


It wasn’t until I was nearly at a breaking point, that I stumbled across something online about systems. I took a deep dive into the rabbit hole of the internet and consumed as much information as I could. I listened to podcast after podcast. Then, I started to slowly tackle the clutter and get things back in order. But instead of focusing on setting up an Instagram worthy pantry, I focused on setting up systems to help us maintain a functional pantry. And guess what? It actually stuck this time.


As I moved through the house slowly tackling room after room, I was thrilled to find that this changed approach was working. Not only that, but my mood was better, I had more energy, and I found myself wanting to organize. I would get home in the evenings, and actually feel rejuvenated looking around the space that I’d created in my home. Since then, I’ve set out on a mission to help others do the same.


After starting my journey with Balanced Home & Office, I went on to gain certificates of study in ADD/ADHD and Chronic Disorganization. I'm a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), as well as the American Society of Professional Organizers (ASPO). 

I want to help you live your best self, by gaining control over the chaos and creating functional order in your home. I believe that there is true empowerment in organization. I love following up with clients a few months after we’ve worked on their space, and hearing that it’s made such a difference in how they feel about their homes. 


That’s why I do what I do at Balanced Home & Office.



- I need coffee to simply function like a normal person. 

- I'm in a long-standing relationship with Grey's Anatomy.

- I am super self-conscious about my teeth. 

- I've moved ten times, most of those military moves from my husband's Army days. 

- I set ridiculously high standards for myself, and usually beat myself up when I don't achieve them.

- I can drink a cup of coffee five minutes before bed, and still manage to fall asleep in under ten seconds. It's kinda my superpower. 

- I'm usually in bed by 9:30 pm, I know, total party animal. 



Why can't you have your cake and eat it too? We believe you can have a loving family, a successful career, a hobby you love, all of it. And by getting help when you need it, you can maintain a happy balance.


I'm here to help you live a more balanced life, free of judgment and guilt. House a mess? No problem. Nothing in the fridge? Not an issue. Still in your pajamas? Me too.


You can rest easy in knowing that I strive to be reliable and dependable. I do what I say I'm going to do when I say I'm going to do it. I'm not perfect, but that doesn't stop me from aiming for perfection.

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