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Professional Organizing Solutions to help you take control of your space, clear the clutter, and find your balance.

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Balance Through Simplicty & Order

Professional Organizing and Productivity Solutions for your Home and Office

From Clutter to Clarity

We work with busy parents to clear the clutter and implement systems so they can maintain their space, and enjoy their home more.

No more wasting time searching for things, trying to get out the door on time (can I get an Amen?). 

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Life is Too Short to Spend it Overwhelmed

Dealing with clutter is stressful. Studies show that clutter has a direct impact on our mood, health, and energy levels. Don't let clutter get the best of you.






    "Happiness is not a matter of Intensity but of Balance, Order, Rhythm & Harmony."

    Tomas Merton


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    I'm Sam, head organizer and chaos coordinator here at Balanced Spaces. As a working mother, I know that with the day to day responsibilities of life, it can sometimes be difficult keeping your home in order and space free of clutter. When our space is in disarray, it usually has an impact on our mood and energy. That's why I am so passionate about working with others to get their space back in order and balance back into their lives. I'd love to chat and learn more about what brought you here and what your goals are for your space. 

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